Woman wearing a string bag. Via Le21ème*

It’s practical to carry into the handbag a strings bag, but it is a tendency to carry the purse inside the shopping bag. We have seen these two possibilities!

The “avoska” is a strings bag that looks like a basketball net and was widely used in the Soviet Russia. The prefix “avo” means “maybe”.

Today is a very trendy accessory that women can use because it fits in a handbag or briefcase, and can be deployed to put large things or in quantity.

Es práctico llevar dentro del bolso una bolsita en red de los mandados, pero es tendencia llevar una cartera dentro de la bolsita de los mandados. Hemos visto en estos días las dos posibilidades!

Las “avoska“, son unas bolsas de hilo que parecen una red de basketbol y se usaron mucho en la Rusia soviética. El prefijo “avo” significa “tal vez”.

En la actualidad, es un accesorio muy trendy que lo pueden usar las mujeres porque cabe en un bolso de mano o maletín, y puede desplegarse para poner cosas grandes o en cantidad.

If you don’t have one avoska at home, here we show you some for you to consider.

Si no tienes una avoska en casa, aquí te mostramos algunas para que tengas en cuenta.

Vintage Reusable Bag – USSRBoatDesires

Eco Shopping – JewelofaGirl

Vintage Avoska Bag – BestPartnerVintage

Vintage bag Blue Avoska from USSR – AvoskaUA

Vintage Eco-Bag – Ukrainevintage

Vintage Eco Bag – Grannysbox

Market / Beach Bag – beebumbledesigns

Green Net/Bag in Cotton – Atricote

Crochet Reusable Grocery Bag – PiNetjes

Compact Mesh Bag – EcoGG

Vintage Eco Shopping Bag AVOSKA – BAZOOR

Eco Shopping Bag , Soviet Avoska – AllForHappyAndLoveV

Vintage Twine Market Bag – LesObjetsPerdus

Vintage Avoska Bag – DecorVintageShop

Net Bag – Basilindustry

Soviet String Bag – 888VintageShoppe

People wearing avoskas in the Paris Fashion week. Photos from The Impression.

*Featured pic from Le 21éme.

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    • When I was a girl I saw people using avoskas for shopping. Never imagine it could be a fashion accessory!

      Thanks for your comment dear Helen!!


  1. Thanks for this excellent selection of cool bags and for inclusion of my YELLOW Avoska in the list of a photo!

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